Community Health Work Samples

1. Anti-Tobacco Youth Group Hangs Handmade “Death Masks” on Fence to Represent 1,300 Daily Tobacco Deaths

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2.  Anti-tobacco Contest for 4th and 5th Graders

3. Terrie Hall, Cancer Survivor, Tours Utah to Disuade Young Smokers

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Community Education Classes

Registration is currently open, and community members are welcome to register for my classes through the SLCC registrar. The cost is about $122 for the 15 week class which runs 90 minutes, and also allows you to join the SLCC Belly Dance Club on campus for only $35 in dues for the semester. The club meets weekly for 90 minutes and performs throughout the semester.  Costumes, music, studio rental fees, photography, video, and props are included in the cost of dues. SLCC students, staff, faculty, and community education students may join the club.

Spring 2017 SLCC Belly Dance Club


We are pleased to announce the new SLCC Belly Dance Club! The first meeting will be held Monday, January 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm in the racquetball courts of the LAC (Taylorsville Campus).

This club offers

  • Fitness
  • Creativity
  • Social experiences
  • Culture, and
  • Performing (optional) opportunities

Meetings and dance classes will be held

  • On Mondays during Spring 2017 semester, at 4:00 pm at the Taylorsville Campus Life Activities Center (LAC) in the racquetball courts
  • And SOME Saturdays, in the Taylorsville Campus Life Activities Center (LAC) room 176.
  • If these times don’t work for you, please let us know times that do work for future reference (contact info below).

Benefits of joining Belly Dance Club are greater than you might think:

In addition to a very low cost way to dance, our efforts as a club and student dues help us pay for your costumes, music and props. Also, active club members are eligible for tuition waivers (that’s FREE TUITION) and other benefits. Kassidy Ricks received our tuition waiver for this semester!

More information

  • Belly Dance Club’s website is on SLCC’s orgsync account. You can access it with your My Page/Canvas login and password at, then search for SLCC Belly Dance Club.
  • Information Will be posted on our co-advisor’s e portfolio as it becomes available,

For more information, contact:

Club President
Amber Ward
(801) 635-9429

Club Co-advisor
Anna West
(801) 505-8223

We look forward to seeing you at weekly meetings at 4:00 pm on Mondays  in the racquetball courts.


SLCC Belly Dance Club

August 29, 2016
In mid August 2016, SLCC approved our application for a belly dance club for SLCC. We will be trained on how to run the club in early-mid September 2016. We are collecting schedule information from students who are interested in participating in the club and are also looking for officers for the club. By-laws and constitution will be established after we are trained in September. This is all new and is still forming, we’d love your help in making some of these decisions.

Please contact me if you would like to participate with your availability at