BellyDance001Course Evaluations
Here is a sample of some of my course evaluations. Sometimes, not enough students complete the evaluations to make them available to everyone, so please make sure to complete yours. I make changes every semester based on student input. 
FALL 2013 SLCC Course Evaluations – Instructor Report
FALL 2014 SECTION 5 SLCC Course Evaluations – Instructor Report
Spring 2015 Section 7 SLCC Course Evaluations – Instructor Report
Spring 2015 Section 8 SLCC Course Evaluations – Instructor Repor

Courses Taught
I teach Belly Dance Basics at Salt Lake Community College. Fall and Spring Semester, I teach a section at 7:00 p.m. on Monday at SouthCity Campus, at 2:00 p.m. on Tuesdays at Taylorsville Campus and at 2:00 p.m. on Fridays at Taylorsville Campus. I also often teach a section during Summer Semester, though my schedule varies. 

In the community, I teach belly dance for kids, intermediate and performing belly dance, fiber art classes, and media training for those preparing for interviews with the news media. Please see my calendar for more information on classes and events. 

My Teaching Philosophy
The Collective Unconscious – My teaching philosophy centers around creating a positive Classroomsocial experience. I do this by using group dynamics based on Jungian psychology. When the group is strong we are able to
work as one person because we have a strong shared experience similar to Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious.

I build a strong collective unconscious in my classes by discouraging side conversations. Students in my class are allowed to speak openly, however, not in hushed voices. It’s amazing how strong the group becomes when we interact as a whole rather than whispering to one other person or dividing into pairs. Each person feels more valued as a group member, and it makes it easier to dance, speak and learn freely.

Feminism and Transnational Culture – As a tribal fusion belly dancer, feminism and cultural understanding has an important place in my classes, lectures and teaching philosophy.  

Choices and Safety – I offer choices and allow the class to make decisions through discussion. It’s important to me that my classes are a safe place where people can be themselves and feel physically and emotionally safe while working hard. Belly dance class should be a place to build a stronger body image and sense of self, as well as a stronger physical body.

Responsibility and Enrichment – Personal responsibility is a crucial part of my philosophy. When possible, I encourage my students to do more than the minimum required in the class to achieve personal enrichment and creative release.

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